KMC Partner Matthew C. Moench in Superior Court – Courtesy New Jersey Globe

KMC Partner Matthew C. Moench regularly represents clients in election contests. These are proceedings that are brought challenging the outcome of a New Jersey election. They are governed by N.J.S.A. 19:29-1 et seq. If a sufficient number of votes are invalidated and it is determined that the margin affects the outcome, the Superior Court has jurisdiction to invalidate an election result.

This past December, Moench was quoted in a New Jersey Globe news article covering an election contest for an Atlantic City council seat, where allegations were brought concerning the Democratic primary held the prior June.

Defending his clients’ position in the election contest, Moench was quoted as follows:

“If these people voted how they wanted to vote, the fact that they had somebody there to help them do it doesn’t make their vote illegal,” said Moench.  “It makes the process improperly followed, but that’s not an illegal vote… elections don’t have to be perfect – they have to be a reflection of the will of the people.”

KMC provides counsel to candidates in all aspects of election law. Please contact Matthew C. Moench at 973-998-6860 or mmoench [at] to assist with your legal issues such as election contests and related disputes.